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Team B2: Umechan pretends to have friends



Team B2 show — 08/29/2014
MC Theme: “What the heck am I doing?”

Umechan: “I’m from Fukuoka, so I’ve had to live by myself for a long time now. One night, I was hungry and tired so I didn’t want to go out and didn’t want to cook anything, and I thought it would be…

Edamame, kongnamul and gamjajorim for side dishes!

Edamame, kongnamul and gamjajorim for side dishes!


Blue hour and night out on the town - 8.21.14

Portraits of Jeremy Cohen - @jerm_cohen and Chris Stewart - stewyiscool (@stewyiscool)

All photos taken by Mike Gutkin

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today i heard 2 kids talking about buying fake IDs after school and so i started eavesdropping cuz u know thats big kid stuff and then one was like “yeah but is all this really worth it like im pretty sure the fake IDs cost more than the fish we r gonna buy”

to buy fish at petco u have to be 18 or older

they were going to get fakes to buy fish

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weiss schnee

will you accompany me

to the daaaaaance oooon


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Super pretty and cool!


Super pretty and cool!

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「SKE48 ZERO POSITION~チームスパルタ!能力別アンダーバトル~」




「SKE48 ZERO POSITION~チームスパルタ!能力別アンダーバトル~」

A new SKE48 show, the MC will be Matsumura Kaori, Suda Akari, and Tani Marika, (Dasu~Tsuma~Nita) (10月4日(土)スタート CS放送 TBSチャンネル1にて放送)

The show is about each members showing their special skills and abilities and compete…



山本彩 - google+ (2014/09/01)

…teaching her dog to get a napkin when she sneezes. lazy sayanee

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"I wonder what it means to be strong. Having a healthy Psycho-Pass and an aptitude for high-level jobs… those things were indeed what we considered sources of strength. His strength is more anachronistic and classical… I felt that it was dangerous to even think about him. Even so, running away from the situation isn’t acceptable. Our lives have already crossed.”

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Felt like some Korean side dishes so made gamjajorim… but made too much…

Felt like some Korean side dishes so made gamjajorim… but made too much…

Death threats drive Anita Sarkeesian from her home

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All hail

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Tiffany’s #1 admirer. x)

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